Monday, April 16, 2012

Happiness is...Ramps!


Love these oniony/garlicky pungent wild leeks.

Hate that they cost $13 a pound!

Love that ramps are a fleeting spring vegetable that I may only get one taste of a year.  Makes them more special.

Hate cooking ramps in my house because they make everything reek. My hair smells of ramps for a week if I cook them at home. I usually go out to eat them for that reason.

Love that you can eats ramps from leaves to bulb. The green leaves are mild, the stems are sweet and peppery, and the white bulb is pungent and spicy...

Mostly you find ramps in dishes including pasta, bacon, eggs, and on pizza.

I'm seeing a lot of recipes around for pickled ramps and even pestos utilizing ramps.

I however am a purist, and I most enjoy ramps raw. Tossed them on a salad or slice them thin and toss 'em into a bowl of plain white rice and I'm a happy girl.

Right now, as I'm writing this, I am devouring my yearly allotment of ramps, and I'm peeing myself because they are so delicious.

First I washed off all of the dirt, these ramps were the filthiest I've ever come across.

Next I trimmed off the hairy roots and sliced them thin, from tip to tip.  Ahhh, I'm just getting a hint of a garlicky scent off my cutting board.

I tossed the sliced ramps up in a bowl.

I took out some organic whole wheat sourdough bread...

slathered it with some Irish butter and placed a heaping spoonful
of the ramps on top and sprinkled on a little coarse salt.

Oh My, Heavenly!

So simple. So pure.

So what, I won't be able to leave the house for the next few days
without turning heads at my ramps breath...

I don't care.