Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happiness is...a Paper Hat

Today is Make A Hat Day, so of course I had to make a hat, because I love hats!  Big hats, small hats, berets, cowboy, I wear and love them all.

So, some big decisions to make. What should I make my hat out of?
Felt?  Fleece?  Tissue?  I think Paper.  I have lots of newspaper around due to my obsession with doing the daily crossword puzzle...

What type of hat should I make?
Pirate?  Porkpie?  Fascinator? I do have tons of big feathers in my closet...I collect too much crap.  But then again my 'crap' comes in handy for a day like today.

Well here it is, after about an hour of folding and shaping and taping...
My Newspaper Cloche Hat:

 I made my little hat out of newspaper, black electrical tape, a piece of
white grosgrain ribbon, and a bunch of pink silk hydrangea.

 I think is looks really sweet from the side.

I'll definitely be wearing my hat today!

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